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Nearby Beaches and Attractions

Higgins Beach

Nearby Higgins Beach lies immediately west of Cape Elizabeth in the Town of Scarborough.  Higgins is known for its beautiful 3/4 mile beach, its surf and its striper fishing.  Click on this link higginsbeachproperties for scenes of the beach, property sales and beach history.

Scarborough Beach

The State maintains public facilities at Scarborough Beach which overlooks Saco Bay, Richmond Island and the Prouts Neck shoreline marshes.  Follow Route 207 from Oak Hill to Prouts Neck.  The parking lot for Scarborough Beach will be on the left just about a mile beyond the Route 77 junction.


Ferry Beach

The Town of Scarborough maintains public facilities at Ferry Beach which overlooks Pine Point, the Scarborough river channel and the Scarborough salt marshes.  The beach actually wraps around the Prout's Neck Country Club golf course (private) to Western Beach.  Follow Route 207 from Oak Hill to Prout's Neck.  The access road to Ferry Beach will be on the right just a 1/4 mile beyond the entrance to Scarborough beach.

Pine Point Beach

The Town of Scarborough maintains public facilities at Pine Point which will allow you full access to seven miles of Saco Bay waterfront from Pine Point stretching down along the communities of Old Orchard, Ocean Park and Saco.  

Where to Stay
Space is obviously very limited in the beach area, but we do have several excellent establishments which offer overnight accommodations.... reservations will most likely be necessary, so make your plans early.

Breakers Inn
The Breakers Inn is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean at Higgins Beach. Built as a private home in 1900, it has served the public since the early 1930's. Rodney Laughton is the innkeeper.

Higgins Beach Inn
The Higgins Beach Inn is a three story colonial revival structure whose origin dates back to 1897, is within a stone's throw of the unspoiled, sandy, Higgins Beach. Off the beaten path, the friendly atmosphere of the Inn welcomes you.